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Adding a New User Users

NPressive v2 utilizes its own credentials system. Therefore, every person that will access it will need their own user account. Whenever you try to add a user, the application will guide you through a 3-step process.
2 min read

Importing Mass Data into Profiles Users

There are several ways to capture data into the central database—via manual entry of a profile or profile data, submissions of a form that has data fields mapped to profiles, and finally a mass importation of data. This article discusses how to import data into the database from an external spreadsheet like a CSV or EXCEL file.
2 min read

Setting User as Admins Users

This tutorial shows you how to enable a user to fully administrate our NPressive Instance.
2 min read

Edit User Profile Users

The NPressive member engagement portal provides each member secure access to information about other members. That data, however, is only as good as that which each member is willing to provide and keep up-to-date. Let's get you started in editing your profile.
2 min read

Edit Your NPressive Profile Users

This article tells you how to edit your profile in an NPressive Instance.
2 min read

Invite Users to Become a Member of an NPressive Instance Users

This article shows how to invite users to join an NPressive Instance and become a member.
3 min read

Set a password SettingsUsersOnboarding

NPressive empowers both a User and an Admin to set a new password for a user.
2 min read

Forgot password OnboardingUsers

NPressive empowers users to reset their password in the event they forgot it.
1 min read

Understanding User Status SettingsUsers

This tutorial explains the various member user statuses and how they impact the cost of your NPressive instance.
3 min read

Recognize Members with Badges Users

Member badges are a fun, visible way to inspire members to engage with your online community. They also allow you to recognize your members' contributions
4 min read