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This article discusses how a member user can troubleshoot logging into a membership portal powered by NPressive.

Troubleshooting FAQs

Where do I log in?

What are my login credentials?

Your login credentials are unique to your NPressive portal instance. It consists of a username, which is your email, and requires a strong password to secure your information.

I don't know (or forgot) my password.

Visit our forgot password tutorial for further instructions.

When will I receive my password reset email?

Password resets are delivered via email immediately upon request; you should check your SPAM folder in the event you don't see it within 60 seconds in your inbox. Search for "Reset Password Notification" as the subject line.

I never receive my password reset email.

On a rare occassion, email providers may block the delivery of this email. If you never receive or can't find the password reset email, you may try sending a one-time passcode to your mobile phone. This feature requires that your profile has your mobile phone number associated with it.

  • Select Forgot Password.

  • Select Login with mobile phone number instead.

Login with Mobile Phone Number.

Help -- none of these steps work for me!

Your portal instance admin(s) is fully empowered to help members like you troubleshoot further, including:

  • sharing the portal instance URL with you

  • looking up your username

  • setting/resetting your password

  • setting a mobile number for the one-time passcode delivery

Last modified on June 15th, 2023