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Library Managing a Library Collection

The NPressive Library module empowers a members to view categorized collections of digital assets. Let's get you started on managing your Library collections.

Important Clarifications

Here are important factors to consider when using this module:

  • Only instance Admins or Owners may add new objects to the Library.

  • Only assigned object Managers can edit an existing Library object.

  • A collection can contain one or many digital assets.

  • Digital assets can be of any type -- images, videos, files, documents, etc.

  • Each instance tier has a file size and/or data storage limit

How to Use

  1. Once logged into the NPressive application, select the navigation menu item labeled Library.

  1. Select which category you want to view; to view all, select the List All button.

  1. Each Library card represents a collection of digital asset(s). The card will indicate the name of the collection, a brief description, which members have access to, and the option to share the collection. You can immediately download a particular asset in the collection by selecting the asset icon(s).

  1. If your user role allows, or you are set as a Manager, you can Edit the collection and its assets.

  1. If your user role allows, or you are set as a Manager, you can Create a new collection.

Things to Consider

Here are key factors to consider when adding or editing a Library object:

  1. Set a title for the entire collection, not the asset itself. For example, "Event Photo Gallery" is more descriptive than a file name.

  2. Provide a brief description so that the users understand what they are about to view.

  3. Library Collections also support text, which you can edit with a WYSIWYG editor in the Content field. Use this feature as you would a blog post.

  4. Set the status as Active to ensure it is accessible to your users.

  5. Set if the document is Public to view or download without a login, or Private to logged-in users only.

  6. Set the category for the Library collection; you can set more than one.

  7. Specify which users are allowed to manage, and thus edit the collection.

  8. Specify which users, groups, or segments are allowed to view the collection. Setting this will also control whether the item displays in the user, group, or segment's Asset tab in their profile.

  9. If you want to require a digital signature upon login, you can set the Enforce Signature option for users that are granted permission to view during their next login.

Last modified on November 10th, 2022